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New Year’s resolutions from NYC’s culture Vultures

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John Seroff

My New Year's Resolution is to visit all the great new concert and event spaces that have recently opened up in and around the city to find out what they're all about. If you'd like to join me exploring, you'll find me sampling the "intelligent nightlife" produced at Caveat in the Lower East Side; getting hip to avant-jazz at the new home of John Zorn's venue The Stone at The New School; listening to whatever's new and popping at the ultra-hip art space and warehouse concert hall Elsewhere in Bushwick; working my way through a two drink minimum wherever The Metropolitan Room's relocated cabaret programming finally lands; sampling something queer and funky at downtown's Club Cumming; and having a go at a grab bag of programming at the recently resurrected White Eagle Hall in Jersey City.  Here's hoping that the city's apparent interest in preserving night life culture will lead to a dozen more new venues openings in the months ahead!

secret culinary insider

My 2018 dining resolutions are threefold:

  1. Explore Brooklyn more deeply. That includes ethnic food in Sunset Park, hipster dining in Greenpoint, even Ditmas Park.
  2. Support women-owned businesses and female chefs. Whether it’s making a meaty meal of chef Angie Mar’s celebrated food at the Beatrice Inn or taking a cooking class with girlfriends at Alison Cayne’s Haven’s Kitchen, it’s time to make an active effort to support the women who are making a difference in the industry. In the meantime, I’m renewing my subscription to Cherry Bombe magazine!
  3. Take my 5-year-old son out to eat more. He’s more adventurous than I think, and the more acclimated he is to dining out, the easier it will get, right? Recent successful forays include Mission Chinese Food (kids love those green tea noodles – and who doesn’t love their pizza?) and Via Carota for their perfect pesto pasta. Next, I’m thinking Little Tong for noodles. Do you detect a theme?

Molly Surno

“Songs for Sabotage,” the Fourth New Museum Triennial at the New Museum.

Jess Bender

I'm not usually one for resolution-making—except, say, try to be a better person than I was the year prior. That being said, I think a feasible culinary goal for 2018 is to get more in touch with my heritage. I'm a bit of a mutt (part Irish / German / Italian / Puerto Rican) and was never exposed to where I came from growing up, so I figured I'd be better off teaching myself at this point.


I'm looking forward to relaxing harder. [Explanation: The fitness world is at last recognizing the importance of "active rest" days, stretching and other activities that are crucial to overall wellness but don't require you to train like a beast. Adding some relaxation to a tough fitness routine makes you more fit, stronger and more flexible, and can even contribute to weight loss.]

Meera Dugal
1) I really want to attend more shows held in sacred buildings - whether it's choral concerts in cathedrals or a organ concerts in a synagogue, the acoustics in these rooms are so special and make for a luscious blanket of sound - I need more concerts that feel like blankets this year.
2) I want to get my dance on! I want to attend merengue shows in the Bronx and reggae/dancehall parties in Brooklyn. My goal is to get a little more in-the-know about where to go and who the best DJs are but nothing makes me want to dance more than these styles so I'll happily welcome this research!

Theater Expert David Cote: My New Year's resolution is to have more adventures at the Off-Off joints that make the theater diverse and dangerous. That means the avant-cozy installations at the Bushwick Starr; wildly ambitious dance-theater hybrids at Abrons Arts Center; scrappy irreverence at The Brick; new plays in the Flea’s three-venue complex; and local and global weirdness at La MaMa on East 4th. I’m also feeling very nostalgic for two great institutions that keep changing and reinventing themselves: PS 122 and Soho Rep. Both companies were homeless recently, but now they’re returning to their refurbished homes. Both are ready to gloriously trash our assumptions about what a play is, what a musical is, what acting is. This month, P.S. 122 reopens its doors at 150 First Avenue with the boundary-pushing Coil Festival; and in February, Soho Rep is back in business at 46 Walker Street with Aleshea Harris’s Is God Is, an Afropunk fable for today’s nightmarish times.

Paddy New Year's resolutions are a great excuse to give yourself a little extra motivation to do the things you've always wanted, but never had the time. This year, I'm making it my New Year's resolution to see more performance art. Why? Because over the last three years, I've seen more extraordinary work in this medium than nearly any other. This year, I'm making a point of having more of it in my life. That means I'll be spending more time at the Abrons Art Center (American Realness here I come), Caveat, a new bar/comedy club/performance space for nerds on the Lower West Side, and of course, the New York City Opera. I can't wait.

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