The Last Picture Showing: Hail and Farewell to Brooklyn’s Beloved Videology

A decade and a half after it first opened, the microcinema, bar, and neighborhood hangout spot screens its final frames this Saturday.

Photo courtesy of Videology

New York City has seen a recent blooming of movie theaters doubling as bars or restaurants or both. A quick scan of the landscape yields: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Metrograph, Syndicated, and Nitehawk Cinema. Perhaps that’s a response to the rise of video-on-demand or simply because multiple revenue streams help keep the doors open.

Whatever the reason, it is with a sad, cinephilic heart that we report that one of the first and most beloved of these multihyphenate hybrids, the Brooklyn microcinema-bar-eatery Videology, is closing tonight, following a solid, 15-year run.

When Videology opened in 2003, it followed in the footsteps of the late and much lamented Kim’s Video as a deep-dive VHS and DVD rental shop, but about a decade in, it updated the space and nabbed a liquor license to accommodate in-house film showings. Forrest Cardamenis, one of Videology’s former film and event programmers, told me that while its sizable library of rentals quickly became less of a draw, what set the place apart was its loyal community. “We just had our last Movie Trivia Night this past Tuesday,” he said recently, “and there were speeches and tears; you really saw how important Videology was to our core fans who treasured having a meeting space that was local and casual and cozy and consistent. There are a lot of repertory theaters in New York, and quite a lot that have sprouted up since we started, but I don’t think there’s a place that’s exactly like us.”

Great, now we’re tearing up.

Whether you were part of that community or simply want a taste of what Videology had to offer, this Saturday night is your final chance. The theater is going out with a seasonally appropriate bang, offering three evening showings of Italian director Dario Argento’s essential giallo horror flick Suspiria, coinciding with the wide release of the film’s remake. Die-hards should plan to come early, as Videology will be putting the “fun” in funeral starting at noon for the theater’s last annual Halloween costume party, scored by the classic prog-rock band Goblin’s Suspiria soundtrack.

Dario Argento’s Suspiria will spook you in a totally good way.

Videology Bar & Cinema
308 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg
Saturday, October 27
Suspiria Triple Play