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Eat Here Right Now: Sofreh

If you only dine out at one place this month, make it here.

Photo courtesy of Sofreh

Nasim Alikhani is ready to bring Persian cuisine to the mainstream. With only a handful of proper Iranian restaurants in the region, the chef-owner comes fully equipped with the necessities to prosper in Prospect Heights: comforting dishes straight from Alikhani’s home country, a prime location off Flatbush Avenue, and an easy-breezy interior with a semi-open kitchen. We have a few other reasons why you’ll soon be calling Sofreh your second home in no time.

This Is Savory Comfort Food at Its Best—And Lightest

The rich recipes that make up Sofreh’s menu are only hefty in theory. From house-made yogurt dips to fresh feta served alongside a pile of seasonal herbs, every dish that comes out of the kitchen is both light and true to its Persian roots. Conventional plates like braised lamb shank and olive tapenade sing with ingredients rare to the Brooklyn dining scene (pomegranate molasses, turmeric, tamarind), while the smoky stewed eggplant turns into an instant crowd-pleaser with poached eggs and a side of perfectly cooked basmati. 

sofreh Brooklyn
Photo by Jesse T/Yelp

It Makes One of My Top Five Desserts of all Time

That would be the rose custard, both exotic yet extremely familiar. Floral notes from the rosewater and cardamom complement the rice flour–based custard and transform it into an elevated version of a childhood favorite (rice pudding). I was so delighted by every spoonful that I ran up to Alikhani after I paid my bill and asked for the recipe. (She did not budge; it’s a family secret.) That’s not to say the rest of the desserts aren’t worth your while. The traditional ice cream, for example, is a sensation with saffron and pistachio hints and a frozen milk shard to finish it off.

sofreh Brooklyn
Photo by Jess Bender

You Will Want Nasim Alikhani to Adopt You

New York has its fair share of eateries where the customer doesn’t come first—waiters forgetting that you exist, dirty dishes abandoned at your table, shoddy pours of wine, and the like. You’ll find none of those unfortunate scenarios playing out here. In fact, you’ll want Alikhani to adopt you the moment you meet her. The owner makes sure to hit every table and bar top to introduce herself and get feedback from the diners, while the partially open kitchen encourages guests to shake the chef’s hand after a dinner well eaten. And just in time for peak rosé season, your waiter might even serve you some wine on the house.

The Loos Deliver Serious #BathroomGoals

Every inch of the bathroom—yes, even the ceiling—is covered with retro Iranian movie posters. Perfect recessed lighting overhead only enhances the opportunity for the ideal unconventional selfie. Try to resist working on your angles until after dessert. 

sofreh Brooklyn
Photo by Jess Bender

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