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A film festival celebrating pivotal moments in the history of New York’s architecture and urban design.

Photo courtesy of the Museum of the City of New York

April is Landmarks Month in New York City. Luckily, we’ve got a lot of them here to celebrate, thanks to committed citizens who fought to preserve the history and architecture of our urban landscape. Without the hard work of these preservationists, Manhattan might have been reduced to a crosshatch of expressways by now. The People Preserving Place film festival honors these little-known heroes through five fascinating documentaries (and one Murder, She Wrote episode!) all this month at various locations throughout the city; each screening will be accompanied by Q&As with the filmmakers, city planners, and preservationists.

The fest opens on Wednesday, April 5, with the group’s third annual screening of Angela Lansbury’s classic TV show at the East Village’s BBar and Grill. We’re planning on catching Citizen Jane: Battle for the City (April 15 at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens), about Jane Jacobs, who almost single-handedly saved Greenwich Village and Soho from Robert Moses’s development plans in the 1960s. We’ll also be at the Museum of the City of New York on April 23 for the screening of I Remember Harlem, a love letter to the 350-year-old neighborhood and an illustration of how it has remained the cultural hub of African-American life in New York City.

Why You Should Go: To appreciate what needs preserving in our incredible city as we move into the future. After the I Remember Harlem screening, follow our WSWD Walking Tour of Harlem to get an even deeper feel for the legendary neighborhood.

Photo courtesy of CBS

People Preserving Place: A Film Festival
Presented by the New York Preservation Archive
Through April 29

Continue your tour of NYC history with a visit to some classic East Village eateries and bars: