Candy Corn Must Die! Visit These Bespoke Candy Shops for the Best Halloween Candy

Wow NYC’s trick-or-treaters with a curated sugar rush.

Photo courtesy of Sockerbit/Facebook

Halloween is hell on doorbells. Flocks of costumed children (and their weary chaperones) will chime for tricks or treats on All Hallows’ Eve in hopes of filling their candy sacks with the good goods. Knowing how brutally honest kids can be, they’re not afraid to call you out if you’re handing over bad loot like Smarties and raisins.

Don’t let your abode be tarnished in Halloween history—or with toilet paper and Silly String. Prepare to be the talk of the block and fill your plastic jack-o’-lantern with top-shelf candy from some of New York’s best bespoke sweet shops. P.S. For concerned parents: All of these confections are individually wrapped.


Known for: Swedish bonbons and offbeat sweets that refuse to grow up

Halloween must-buys: Milk chocolate shaped like mini Ferraris; bubblegum straight from a squeezable tube; toffee-filled lollies; and Technicolor licorice

Sweet! / Photo courtesy of BonBon

Philip’s Candy

Known for: Old-timey confections made by a lifelong candy man

Halloween must-buys: Sea salt–y taffies; nutty peanut brittle; shoestrings made of licorice; and bags of chocolate- and caramel-covered popcorn


Known for: Scandinavian sweets and smågodis (little candies)

Halloween must-buys: Milk chocolate–covered hazelnut pralines; toffee ranging from buttery to lip-puckering lemon; lollipops with triple the flavor; and vampire teeth with a fruity bite

Packaging a parent can appreciate. / Photo by Taiyo O/Yelp

Eugene J. Candy Co.

Known for: Edible experiments from Bushwick’s Willy Wonka

Halloween must-buys: Fickelgrubers that go bump in the night; mystifying mints inside a miniature Ouija board; creepy-crawly pops; and pumpkin-spice malt balls

Aji Ichiban

Known for: Hard-to-find Japanese candies and daring bites for risk-takers

Halloween must-buys: Matcha- and cheesecake-flavored Kit Kats; mango and grape jellies; Pocky sticks in all flavors and sizes; and durian chews for adventurous sweets lovers

Welcome to Pocky paradise. / Photo courtesy of Aji Ichiban

See’s Candies

Known for: Timeless chocolates made from 19th-century recipes

Halloween must-buys: Lattes on a stick; milk chocolate ghouls and pumpkins; citrus honeycomb wafers; and walnut squares drenched in dark chocolate


Known for: Handcrafted chocolates straight out of Brooklyn

Halloween must-buys: Bars tinged with green tea and stuffed with s’mores; pure chocolate stars covered in toasted sesame, sea salt, or Pop Rocks; and pumpkin spice truffle skulls

Straight outta Comp–er, Brooklyn. / Photo courtesy of JoMart/Facebook


Economy Candy

Known for: A taste of New York nostalgia and every gummy under the sun

Halloween must-buys: Throwbacks like Abba-Zabas and Mallo Cups; sour laces and sweet marshmallow snails imported from Germany; and fruity Italian candy drops from behind the register, as recommended by Economy’s candy merchant, Mitchell Cohen

halloween candy
Photo courtesy of Economy Candy

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