Party Like It’s 1850 (in a Cemetery)

A Night at Niblo’s Garden re-creates the Victorian-era impresario’s famous soirees at Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery.

Don’t be scared. Niblo’s Garden was a Broadway entertainment house for the “amusement-loving” people of the mid-1800s, hosting circus acts, musical comedies, and opera underneath glass lanterns in an open courtyard. Owner William Niblo was known to re-create the party atmosphere on a private scale at his mausoleum—built years before his death—in Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery. His pleasure garden will be “exhumed” on this evening with a Victorian extravaganza of performers, including the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, fire-eaters, musicians, and contortionists. Picnic (bring your own) around the Crescent Water pond and listen to the frogs’ night song, surrounded by candles.

Why You Should Go: If you’ve never visited the bucolic and gothic grounds of Green-Wood, this is a fascinating and fun—and maybe excitingly chilling?—way to experience them.

A Night at Niblo’s Garden
Green-Wood Cemetery
Fifth Ave at 25th Street, Greenwood
Friday, July 13
7–9 p.m.
$40; $35 for members of Green‑Wood Cemetery

Get a taste of modernism in Sunset Park before taking it back to the 19th century when night falls.