ICYMI: It’s a Bird! Know Your Rights! Chocolate Babka Beer!

A lot happened in NYC recently. Here are a few of our favorite things.

Photo courtesy of CMX Cinemas

You may be getting ready to sequester yourself indoors for the approaching nor’easter, but before you do, catch up on the latest NYC culture news so you can make plans once the weather chills out.

Bird Is the Word

The controversial ride-share company Bird has become infamous for simply showing up in a city and leaving its electric scooters on the side of the road—waiting to see what kind of legal action the city decides is worth its time. While some people are excited about the convenient transportation fad, others are quick to voice their primarily aesthetic objections. Finally New Yorkers will get a chance to weigh in, because Bird is trying to swoop into the Big Apple, this time by wooing local politicians instead of acting first and asking for forgiveness later.

new york city culture news october 26
Look up—er, down! / Photo courtesy of Bird/Facebook

Take a Spin!

Calling all aspiring musicians! Bushwick’s own Leesta Vall Sounds Recordings gives artists the opportunity to record their songs onto vinyl for free. We won’t weigh in on the debate about the virtues of vinyl, save to say that we, too, love its warm crackles. But we will weigh in with some recommendations on how you can spend time getting to know Bushwick.

new york city culture news october 26
Do you have star power? / Photo courtesy of Leesta Vall Sounds Recordings

Dine-in Theater

Sadly, the hip Videology Bar & Cinema in Williamsburg is closing its doors this weekend. While we mourn the loss of a crowd favorite, the trend of a nice meal and a movie is luckily not going anywhere. And maybe going to the movies can feel as swanky as a night on Broadway at the newly opened CMX Cinébistro on the Upper East Side, which offers upscale dining in its six-floor theater complex. Add this to a list of things you can do in the neighborhood.

new york city culture news october 26
Dinner and a (big screen) show? / Photo courtesy of CMX Theaters

Know Your Rights

Police-reform bills intended to protect citizens in police interactions have gone into effect today, October 26. The Right to Know Act entails that cops are required to hand people a business card and ask for consent before performing a search. This brings up a serious issue: Remember that you have rights and protections when you’re walking the streets of New York.

new york city culture news october 26
Know your rights. / Photo by Benjamin Jopen/Unsplash

Grimm’s Tales

Brooklyn’s Grimm Artisanal Ales has teamed up with Mekelburg’s food shop to make a new stout that tastes like (of all things) chocolate babka. Some like to joke that beer is liquid bread, but none have tried to make something so deliciously cake flavored before! If this new invention doesn’t pique your interest, we also have a collection of old favorites that won’t disappoint.

new york city culture news october 26
The beer that drinks like a cake. / Photo courtesy of Grimm Artisanal Ales/Facebook

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