ICYMI: Taiwanese Breakfast! Caribbean Dinner!

The midterms are over. Now get out there and have fun—and by fun, we mean food!

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Chocolate Fest/Facebook

The election results have been settled, and while we were fretting over the outcomes of some painfully close races all over the country, New York City did not slow down for a second. Amazon is likely moving a portion of its HQ2 into Long Island City, while a new favorite creature, the hot duck in Central Park, seems to have disappeared just as mysteriously as it appeared last weekend. (Or did it disappear?!) But these aren’t the only stories floating through the ether this week. Here are five others you might have missed:

Breaking the Fast

While American cuisine does a fine breakfast, Richard Ho wants us to know that in Taiwan the first meal of the day is no joke. Though Ho Foods is not exactly new, its breakfast menu is, and it’s a crash course in Ho’s favorite breakfast flavors (including savory soy milk!). He makes it clear up front that Taiwanese breakfast is not low on carbs, but that’s not a concern for us.

Photo courtesy of Ho Foods/Yelp

Comic Timing

Regular readers of WSWD are likely already familiar with our love for cartoonists. And now many of our favorites are getting a larger venue than the pages of magazines and newspapers. Pratt Institute is hosting the 2018 Comic Arts Fest on its campus on Sunday, November 11, in Brooklyn. The list of participating artists is as vast as their talent.

Photo courtesy of Comic Arts Fest

The Colbert Rapport

Stephen Colbert continues to deliver some of the best moments of television this year. A man of many skills (have you heard him sing?!), Colbert will no doubt dazzle with a combination of his endearing wit and musical prowess when he takes the stage on Monday, November 12, at the 92nd Street Y with the Boston-based multigenre band Lake Street Dive. If you can’t make it to this one, there are tons of amazing events happening around New York in November.

Actually, Do Be Greedy

A new restaurant serving delicious Southern and Caribbean fare has opened its doors in Harlem. While Greedy Pot is not the only Caribbean spot that has caught our eye in the city, it’s going to become a fast favorite for anyone in the neighborhood. One caveat: Don’t plan to eat in, because the place is supersmall. Instead, take your meal to go and then spend some more time in the area.

Photo courtesy of Greedy Pot/Facebook

Let Them Eat (Chocolate) Cake

Whether you consider it an unabashed love or a guilty pleasure, chocolates and baked goods are coming to Brooklyn in more shapes and flavors than should be legal. When the Brooklyn Chocolate Festival opens next week, the organizers are promising samples aplenty. Come for the desserts, and stay for…the desserts! That’s pretty much the point.

Photo by Sia Bayiokos/Courtesy of Brooklyn Chocolate Festival

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