ICYMI: Vanished Art! Comedy Festival! Dim Sum!

Soon you’ll have a whole additional hour to catch culture in the city.

Photo courtesy of Other Art Fair

The clocks are taking us back an hour this weekend, meaning we’ve been gifted more time than usual to figure out what we should do (that’s us trying to look on the bright side about how much darker it’s about to get in the evenings!). What’s more, you might notice a few more runners than usual out and about in New York this Sunday. We got inside the heads of three of the more than 50,000 people who are no doubt carbo loading before taking to the streets. But that’s not the only news you might have missed this week.

Winter Wonderland

You Grinches may protest, but WinterFest is about to set up camp right outside the Brooklyn Museum. The market, opening November 23, will hopefully be filled with activities and trinkets to rival Europe’s best Christmas markets. If this is what gets you out and about in Brooklyn, we’ve got some other ideas to keep you hopping in Kings County.

Photo courtesy of WinterFest at the Brooklyn Museum

Laugh Tracks

We’re guessing you know about the New York Comedy Festival, which runs all next week. But that doesn’t mean you’ll recognize every act on the bill. And honestly, the risk of going to a bad comedy show is a special kind of awkward torture that we want to spare you. So if you’re looking to discover some lesser known acts, these are the ones we’re sure you won’t want to miss: Hot Box Comedy on Monday, Handmaid’s Tale: The Musical on Wednesday, and the hilarious Catherine Cohen on Thursday. In fact, if you’re searching for recommendations, we can think of tons of great comedians who aren’t Louis C.K.!

The More Dim Sum the Better!

Hopefully the lines out the door at Tim Ho Wan (lauded as the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant) will be offset by the addition of its second New York location across town. While we’ve been raving about this place for at least a year, the new brick-and-mortar spot has only been open since Monday.

Photo by Peter Garritano/Courtesy of Tim Ho Wan

Kayak Krazy

It’s not too cold yet for a little outdoor fun. And you can kayak for free on weekends anytime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. at Pier 26. All skill levels are welcome, though we understand if you have concerns about taking a dip in the Hudson. If you’re game, hurry: There are only a few more Saturdays on the Hudson.

An(other) Art Fair

The Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint houses the curiously named Other Art Fair, running November 8–11. It’s almost time for the stress of holiday gift shopping, and maybe you’ll be able to alleviate some of the fatigue while supporting an emerging artist near you. If you’re still fantasizing about what would have happened if you’d won the lottery, this will be a fun place to daydream.

Photo courtesy of Other Art Fair

Enter the Void?

Where does a piece of art go when it’s lost or stolen? For the most part, we don’t know. But we do know that there are only a few weeks left to experience the art exhibition at 601Artspace that ponders the loss of these cultural artifacts. Curated by Paul Ramirez Jones and closing on November 18, this show on the Lower East Side attempts to represent works of art that have been “lost to the annals of art history.” If you’re spending a whole evening the neighborhood, why not turn it into a perfect night?

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