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K-Everything! A Full Day of Food, Shopping, and Music in Manhattan’s Koreatown

All on 32nd Street!

Photo courtesy of Kang Ho Dong Baekjong

Yes, you can spend your entire day on a single street in Manhattan, especially if that street is the dynamic and delicious Korea Way (aka 32nd Street).

EAT: Korean Barbecue for Lunch at Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong

Grab a grill table here for butcher-quality beef and pork that’s cooked in front of you and accompanied by an unlimited assortment of banchan (Korean appetizers), including cabbage kimchi, pickled radish, and bean sprouts. 1 East 32nd Street (between Madison and Fifth Avenues)

DESSERT: Korean Doughnuts and Shaved Ice Cream at Grace Street Cafe

The outside of this coffee shop is deceivingly quaint, but the space inside is large and sleek. Sip a rose petal milk tea while sharing the O.G. black sesame shaved “snow” with mochi, red bean, condensed milk, and strawberries with a friend (or two; trust us, it’s huge!). 17 West 32nd Street (between Fifth Avenue and Broadway)

BROWSE: Korean Bookstore Koryo Books

Our favorite Koryo find: the Harry Potter series divided into 30 parts. Back in Seoul, thin books are decidedly more popular—thus the chopping of this favorite into very, very small pieces. The shop is also a popular spot for K-pop goodies like BTS posters (Korea’s version of the Backstreet Boys); a clothing line called LuvLuv, selling one-of-a kind pieces; and Korean skincare products. 35 West 32nd Street (between Fifth Avenue and Broadway)

BEAUTIFY: With K-Beauty Products at the Face Shop

Stock up on volcanic lava serums, snail creams, collagen eye patches, and peeling feet masks! 25 West 32nd Street (between Fifth Avenue and Broadway)

SHOP: Korean Specialties at H-Mart

Bring some of the nabe’s culinary goodies home, including banchan delights like stir-fried, hot and spicy anchovies; seasoned sesame leaf; and salted seaweed. 38 West 32nd Street (between Fifth Avenue and Broadway)

EAT: Dinner at the Veg-tastic Hangawi

Take off your shoes (it’s a requirement) before wiggling into your subterranean table for meant-for-sharing portions of spicy mushroom kimchi pancakes, steamboat soup (rice cakes and vegetables harmoniously swimming in a hearty broth), and an avocado hot stone rice bowl. 12 East 32nd Street (between Madison and Fifth Avenues)

SING: Karaoke at Turntable Chicken LP Bar & Karaoke

The Japanese may have invented karaoke, but the Koreans have mastered it. This fun, classy joint will show you how. 34-36 West 32nd Street (between Fifth Avenue and Broadway)

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