ICYMI: Rice Rolling! Gawker Lives! You Voted!

It can be exhausting to keep up with all of NYC’s culture news. We are here to make you less tired.

Photo courtesy of Smithsonian magazine’s Museum Day/Facebook

A lot happens in New York City, what with the never sleeping and all. Even the most Twitter-addicted among us has a hard time keeping up with all of NYC’s cultural news. But fear not! Today we’re starting a weekly roundup of city happenings you’d like to know about but may have missed. (Hence: In Case You Missed It.) Check back every Thursday for more news on the latest media rebirths, the pop-ups you actually should be excited about, hot restaurant nibbles, and much, much more. And now: ICYMI…

Free Art for All

The Smithsonian Institution is bringing its mission of enabling greater access to culture back to New York with its annual Museum Day event on Saturday, September 22. The initiative offers access to some of New York’s world-class institutions, with a whopping 99 museums throughout the state participating in the festivities. You can register for a ticket for two on the Smithsonian website and spend part of your weekend exploring an old favorite or one you don’t know but totally should!

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Photo courtesy of Smithsonian magazine’s Museum Day/Facebook

Steamed Rice Rolls Steamrolling Into Manhattan

A favorite in Flushing, Joe’s Steam Roll is opening a new location at the Canal Street Market in Chinatown. The new spot will be bigger than the original, implying that Joe’s will go through more than the 40 pounds of rice it grinds daily with a stone mill in Queens to make the incomparably delicious, gummy rice rolls. Keep an eye for your new favorite island-bound dim sum stop; it’s set to open in October.

Irony: Not Dead Yet

Nick Denton’s notorious gossip blog, Gawker, was essentially sued into bankruptcy by Hulk Hogan back in 2016 with a case worthy of the weird and wonderful outlet itself when it was revealed that Hogan received private funding from revenge-seeking tech billionaire Peter Thiel. Two years later, Bustle Digital Group acquired Gawker in a bankruptcy auction for $1.35 million and announced last week it will be reviving the blog in 2019. The new Gawker will be led by Amanda Hale, former chief revenue officer of beleaguered new-media darling The Outline. No word yet on what we can expect from this iteration of Gawker, but hopefully nothing that will land it back in an expensive lawsuit too quickly.

The Village, People!

Greenwich Village is known for its glorious old architecture—as well as craft beer, Dylan impersonators, and heavenly burgers!—with buildings that date back to the early 1800s. Now the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation has pinpointed the oldest house in the Village as a small, unimposing, Federal-style dwelling erected in 1795 by Nicholas Stuyvesant. Curiously, this abode doesn’t have an impressive title attached to it, like the nearby Stuyvesant Fish House or the Merchant’s House Museum. But it does have something those other shacks don’t: bragging rights. Stroll over for a look, then refresh yourself at this not-nearly-as-old watering hole.

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Photo courtesy of Blue Quarter

We Know, We Know: You Voted!

The woman who designed the instantly iconic “I Voted” stickers spotted throughout NYC last week is not an artist but rather the head of a biotechnology company with a lab on Columbia University’s campus. By trying to stay away from clichéd images like the Statue of Liberty or the “I Heart New York” logo, Maria Dagata designed a simplified version of the subway map that combines the five boroughs into one city. In creating her dynamic image, Dagata also made us feel good about the subway again. No minor achievement!

Photo courtesy of NYC Votes/Facebook

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