Here’s What Our Culture Experts Are Doing This October—And You Should, Too!

Fringe Festival! Fat Rice! Glamping! These are the events you cannot miss this October.

HARMONY KORINE BLOCKBUSTER, Installation Views, 2018 Artwork © Harmony Korine. Photo: Rob McKeever. Courtesy Gagosian.


October: Believe it or not, Halloween isn’t the only event to look forward to this month. You might have already dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s on costume party plans and horror movie marathon line-ups, but you’ll want to steer clear of haunted houses and dress up after learning about these under-the-radar expert picks. Become transfixed by this director’s dark paintings, drink your great, great uncle under the table, and try to find the truth behind wacky government cover-ups (comedic performance or IRL?).

Live Music

Omar Souleyman, October 4
The modern form of the middle-eastern celebratory music “dabke” is a mix of echoing chants, electronically altered oud and reed sounds, and a compulsively danceable gallop of tablas and tambourines. World music snobs sometimes disregard it as cheap pop, but it’s been embraced by broader minded hipsters and EDM fans. The best known practioner of the form is the internationally beloved MC Omar Souleyman from Syria; he’s in town tonight for a set at Brooklyn Bowl.John Seroff, music expert

Photo courtesy of Omar Souleyman Gothenburg

J Hoard, October 12
This BK-based singer cut his teeth as the house singer for the legendary hip hop jam session The Lesson and just won two Grammy’s for a song he wrote for Chance the Rapper. This will be the best of contemporary hip hop and urban music in general. Meera Dugal, music expert

Photo by Jill Steinberg/Courtesy of J Hoard

Theater + Edutainment

New York International Fringe Festival, October 1-31
After a one-year hiatus, the longtime downtown festival of the new, the weird and occasionally brilliant returns for a month of shows that beggar catalogue or description. This year, it’s 83 shows at 10 different venues. All tickets are $22. Good luck!David Cote, theater expert

Super The Musical Maryland Ensemble Theater. Photo courtesy of the New York International Fringe Festival

Catch as Catch Can, October 22 – November 17
Mia Chung’s new play for the troupe Page 73 is about two New England families who find their deep bonds suddenly tested. The cast for this NYC premiere is very exciting: Jeff Biehl, Michael Esper and Jeanine Serralles—worth seeing just for them. David Cote, theater expert

Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know, October 27
Learn more about cults, UFOs and government cover-ups in this X-Files-esque live show. Since 2008, Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know has applied critical thinking to the world’s most prevalent conspiracy theories. Viewers will piece together the puzzle pieces with the hosts. Ross Tipograph, performance expert

Photo courtesy of Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know

Disney’s VR ArcadeOctober 11-14
The annual New York Film Festival delivers Convergence, a celebration of transmedia. As part of the fun, you can head to the VR Arcade where new experiences from Disney will take you into the action and make you the lead of a surreal world. Ross Tipograph, performance expert

Art + Museums

Katherine Bradford: Friends and Strangersthrough October 21
Following her show stopping solo show of swimmers in 2016 Bradford will present a new series of figurative works in strange and unsettling situations. The gallery describes these figures as less individuals than “chunks of humanity”. View those chunks. —Paddy Johnson, art expert

Harmony Korine, BLOCKBUSTERthrough October 20
You’d think the art of the director who brought us movies like Spring Breakers, Kids and Trash Humpers would be deeply dark and disturbing stuff, but Harmony Korine makes perfectly pleasant abstraction. They’re Robert Rauschenberg inspired paintings—big, abstract canvases often made household items like mops and brooms. —Paddy Johnson, art expert

HARMONY KORINE BLOCKBUSTER, Installation Views, 2018 Artwork © Harmony Korine. Photo: Rob McKeever. Courtesy Gagosian.

Barb Smith: Gravity Resistancethrough October 21
I met Barb Smith at a ceramic residency this summer in Maine where she dazzled the group with her minimal and impactful sculptural forms. Now you can see the finessed outcome of her work at StepSister in Lower East Side. Molly Surno, art expert

Dining + Drinking

Before Fat Rice in Chicago, most of us hardly had a clue what Macanese food tasted like. But the restaurant—with its visual pop, not-serious-at-all attitude (their cookbook is a graphic novel), and lip-smacking good food—not only taught us that the food of Macau is an amalgamation of Chinese, Portuguese, and Malaysian, but that it was worth seeking out. Thankfully, the chefs are coming to us for a couple of months—thanks to Chef’s Club Nolita. Expect bar food with tons of flavor: cheeseburger via Brazil, with bacon, ham, potato, heart of palm, and corn relish; curried pork dumplings; piri piri lobster; and more.—Secret Culinary Insider

Photo by Jason Little/Courtesy of Chefs Club

TAHINI RANCH: Southern Meets Lebanese, October 26
This Greenpoint cookbook shop slash cafe is also an underrated destination for globe-trotting pop-up dinners. Lebanese chef Edouard Massih and Southerner Tommy Warner team up for a mash-up sit-down blending both of their cultures. Proceeds go towards LGBTQ+ organizations from their prospective homes. —Jess Bender, eating and drinking expert,

Cold Beer Time MachineOctober 29
Drink like your ancestors—or your ancestors’ ancestors. This intimate immersion into the beers of yesterday is taught by the beer connoisseurs at Top Hops, so put your trust in them as they guide you through the Middle Ages and beyond.Jess Bender, eating and drinking expert

Photo by Jonathan H/Yelp


Collective Retreats, through October 31
Collective Retreat is a beautiful destination aiming to connect persons, community and the environment. Now through end of October, we Manhattanites have the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and go “glamping”! Thats right – just like camping except totally not like camping! Each guests sleep in luxurious canvas tents with either queen, king or twin beds, along with lounge chairs and area rugs. The interior of the tent will have you wanting to stay in, but theres a whole community just outside your tent sipping wine over open fires. Book your tent today beofre this amazing opportunity to camp out at the Historic Governors Island and watch the sun set over the beautiful Lady Liberty and New York city views. Journey tents $150-$300. Summit Tents $300-$500 a night. —Aleona Nyamgavaa, wellness expert

Photo by Kate Osborne/Courtesy of Governor’s Island