Six Ways to Detox, Decadently

Detoxing doesn't have to be painful. Revitalize your body and mind in the most comfortable of ways.

Now that the (many) holiday feasts and festivities are over, that sludgy, overindulged, postholiday feeling may motivate you to live a cleaner life in 2018. Here are some healthy things to do to detox your body from all the eggnog and latkes you may have devoured this season.

Sweat It Out at Modo Yoga NYC
Sweat out every last bit of holiday indulgence in a strenuous vinyasa class taught in a 98-degree room. Yeah, it sounds hellish. But as a hot-yoga enthusiast, I have found no other type of exercise that leaves one feeling as physically spent, emotionally cleansed, and deeply relaxed—it’s really the gift that keeps on giving. This studio mini chain offers a menu of hot classes for beginners on up. 434 Sixth Avenue (between West 9th and 10th Streets), 2nd Floor, West Village; 109 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg

“Head Spa” Service at Tomoko Shima Hair Salon
Start the New Year clearheaded, so to speak, with a Japanese treatment endorsed by Vogue. What is essentially a facial for your scalp, the relaxing and therapeutic process includes deep cleansing, massage, and various products applied to address problems ranging from oiliness to flaky skin. 235 West 14th Street (between Seventh and Eighth Avenues), Chelsea; 171 East 92nd Street (between Third and Lexington Avenues), Upper East Side

Mocktails at Mother of Pearl
You might be taking it easy on the mulled wine this January, but a dry period is no reason to stay sequestered at home. This vegan Polynesian bar offers cocktails whipped up by one of NYC’s best mixologists (Jane Danger), but it also boasts a tasty-sounding menu of juice mocktails. If you’re tempted by the Forbidden Fruit, expect a flavorful taste of orange, grapefruit, oregano, and turmeric, the spice said to possess anti-inflammatory properties. 95 Avenue A (between East 6th and 7th Streets), East Village

“The Clearing Factor” at the Mandarin Oriental Spa
This swanky spa wishes to return your entire being to a balanced state. Its signature three- to four-hour service consists of many detoxing treatments: a full-body exfoliation and wrap, a lymphatic drainage massage, and cupping therapy. By the time you’re finished, there’s a chance you’ll achieve postholiday nirvana. 80 Columbus Circle, Upper West Side

9 Beet Stretch: A 24-Hour Listening Experience
Detox your mind with a sound bath at the gorgeous Rubin Museum of Art. Artist Leif Inge has taken Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, normally one hour long, and stretched it into a 24-hour orchestral arrangement. “A daylong Ninth effects an outright metabolic shift in the process of listening. It operates, in other words, like a drug,” wrote Mark Swed of the LA Times. “Because every quarter note takes forever, one’s sense of time and music is altered. A chord will swell so gradually that it becomes a tremendous event.” Go for an hour—or 24. Hey, all you have to do is listen! 150 West 17th Street (between Sixth and Seventh Avenues), Chelsea, Friday–Saturday, February 2–3, $25

Clean Dinner at Nix
Get back on the clean-eating track at a Michelin-starred spot with a glamorous pedigree (it’s co-owned by former Condé Nast editorial director James Truman). Chef John Fraser creates dishes such as half-naked avocado with smoked crème fraîche and chili oil, as well as a savory pan-roasted potato gnocchi—so you can still enjoy a hearty meal, but leave the guilt with the Christmas cookies. 72 University Place (between East 10th and 11th Streets), Greenwich Village

Leave your holiday hangover in 2017; we can help you start your 2018 fresh and clean.