Film Festivals

Reviving Haiti Through the Power of Film

Celebrate Haitian trailblazers in the world of film in Brooklyn this weekend.

Photo courtesy of Haiti Film Fest.

Since the devastating earthquake of 2010, Haiti has occupied a singularly tragic place in the global consciousness. But the small Caribbean country has a rich and complex history and culture that transcend even the most horrific natural disasters. That vibrant identity comes to life on a handful of big screens in the city this week.

In honor of Haitian Heritage Month, the nonprofit Haiti Cultural Exchange is presenting the fourth installment of its Haiti Film Festival. From Thursday, May 11, to Sunday, May 14, the festival will feature 25 films, both narrative and documentary, being shown at theaters across Brooklyn.

The eclectic, well-rounded lineup offers something for every type of movie lover—and it’s not necessary to have dog-eared copies of Cahiers du Cinéma lying around your house for you to enjoy the films on display.

At an evening of short films on Friday, May 12, Carpediem tells a kind of meet-cute story about a librarian and the shy 20-year-old man who has a crush on her. On the heartstrings-tugging end of things, Minutes to Say Hi dives into a tale of a young Haitian girl and her father struggling to put down new roots in Brooklyn, while the girl’s mother remains in the family’s native land.

Another festival highlight is a mini retrospective of the work of Arnold Antonin, a director who has worked across various forms—from documentary to narrative—to create some of the most socially, politically, and culturally poignant films to emerge from Haiti.

Why You Should Go: Mainly, you’ll want to catch incredible filmmaking that you won’t have many chances to see elsewhere. And check the festival calendar for panel discussions and networking events to enhance your cultural immersion.

Haiti Film Fest 2017
Thursday, May 11–Sunday, May 14