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Bourbon! Beer! The Ultimate Guys’ Night in Greenpoint

When you’ve conquered Williamsburg, take on this Brooklyn nabe next.

This is not your typical NYC laundromat. / Photo by Amy Hoppy

So your gang already conquered Williamsburg—now what? Perhaps consider a guys’ night in Greenpoint, its low-key neighbor racking up plenty of buzz.

DRINK: Dark Brews and Spirits at the Moonlight Mile

Start the night strong at this whiskey-focused watering hole. Try local favorite Hudson Baby bourbon whiskey, a 100 percent corn whiskey distilled just a bit upstate, or sample MM’s limited-edition and top-end whiskeys with the Aviator Flight. 200 Franklin Street           

EAT: Steak Galore at 21 Greenpoint

While the interior is very light and leafy, this Brooklyn restaurant delivers plenty of testosterone on the plate. We recommend a full-blown meat-for-all: roasted bone marrow and a charcuterie board for starters, and truffled steak tartare as a main course. 21 Greenpoint Avenue

PLAY: Some Mean Pinball at Sunshine Laundromat

A hidden entrance in the back of this laundromat leads the way to a pinball bar with vintage games and drafts on tap. If the night gets a little too rambunctious, there’s comfort in knowing you and your homeboys can do a quick round of laundry before heading home. 860 Manhattan Avenue

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