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Custard Tarts! Cumin Fish! A Perfect Day in Flushing

Navigate New York City’s biggest Chinatown like a pro.

Photo courtesy of The Real KTV via Yelp

You haven’t experienced Asian culture in NYC until you’ve been to Flushing. Even after frequenting the international zone dozens of times now, we still manage to stumble upon hidden gems every time we step out of the Flushing-Main Street subway station.

EXPLORE: The Underground Oasis of the Golden Shopping Mall

The stretch of stalls that makes our mouth water is located in the basement of the Golden Shopping Mall. Where else are you going to get customizable dumplings, hand-pulled noodles, savory crepes, bone broth, pig’s feet, and ox tongue under the same roof? 41-28 Main Street

SHOP: Get Your Kicks at Image-NY

The sneaker consignment store is home to a vending machine filled with hard-to-find kicks and one of the biggest collections of rare Air Jordans we’ve ever seen. 135-16 Northern Boulevard

EAT: A Memorable Dinner at Fu Run

Flushing is one of those rare neighborhoods that highlights every single corner of a specific region, which is why this is the ideal spot to have one of the only Dongbei-style Chinese restaurants in the five boroughs. 40-09 Prince Street

DO: Karaoke at the Real KTV

Who knew you could belt your heart out in the middle of a mall? Well, anything is possible at this colorful karaoke lounge. New World Mall, 136-20 Roosevelt Avenue

DESSERT: Custard Tarts at New Flushing Bakery

Brilliantly located a mere five steps from the Flushing-Main Street entrance, you have no excuse not to pick up a flaky nibble for your trek back. The four-for-$5 deal on custard tarts gives you enough wiggle room to sample the sweets most tickling your fancy. 135-45 Roosevelt Avenue

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