Film Festivals

A Week of Daring Cinema at Lincoln Center

The Film Society of Lincoln Center presents Film Comment Selects, a festival of New York premieres and a celebration of the work of director Nico Papatakis.

Still from Gloria Mundi

Looking for a daring way to put that MoviePass you got for Christmas to good use? Try something new at the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s annual Film Comment Selects series.

Founded in 1962, Film Comment is Lincoln Center’s in-house magazine of cinema critique. Over the decades, FC has become one of the industry’s most trusted journals of highbrow movie discussion, featuring regular commentary from both critics including Manohla Dargis and J. Hoberman and directors such as Guy Madden and Paul Schrader.

Seven films in the Selects lineup will be New York premieres, including the black American working-class vérité Life and Nothing More; the debut thriller from Govinda Van Maele, Gutland; and the Slovenian observational documentary, The Family, which follows its subject for more than a decade. Of particular interest is the Golden Bear–winning Hungarian entry, On Body and Soul, which is an Oscar nominee this year for best foreign film. Body and Soul is already available to stream on Netflix, but the movie’s first NYC theater screening will be on February 26.

Still from On Body and Soul

Additionally, the Selects series pays tribute to the late French (by way of Greece and Ethiopia) director Nico Papatakis. Papatakis was a contemporary of Jean Genet and John Cassavetes, whose transgressive meditations on sexuality, politics, and race made him a controversial figure in the ’60s and ’70s. His work is lesser seen stateside, which makes this chronological showing of all five of his feature films—1963’s Les Abysses on 2/23, 1967’s The Shepherds of Disorder on 2/24, 1976’s Gloria Mundi on 2/25, 1986’s The Photograph on 2/26, and 1992’s Walking a Tightrope on 2/27—particularly noteworthy. Newcomers to Papatakis’s oeuvre may want to start with the intense and disturbingly haunting political allegory Shepherds.

Still from Gloria Mundi

Why You Should Go: The affordably priced selection of critically acclaimed new releases and time-tested classic films at the Film Society of Lincoln Center makes for a sumptuous wintertime feeding ground for culture vultures and cinematic omnivores.

Film Comment Selects
Walter Reade Theater at the Film Society of Lincoln Center
165 West 65th Street (at Amsterdam Avenue), Upper West Side
Friday, February 23–Tuesday, February 27
$15 per ticket; $12 for students and seniors; $10 for Film Comment subscribers

Congregate with your fellow cinephiles on the Upper West Side for a packed weekend; we can plan it all out.