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Get in Shape in Gowanus

Whether you’re looking to work out those glutes or simply act like a kid again, there’s no better place to go than this unlikely wellness-focused Brooklyn nabe.

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Boulders

Want to perfect your backhand or practice skateboarding tricks or try slacklining on a cold winter day all within a few blocks? Head to Gowanus.

EAT: Carbo-Load at Runner & Stone

You have a long day of burning calories ahead of you, so you might as well eat some locally sourced bread from this locavore-focused restaurant-bakery concept. 285 Third Avenue

CLIMB: Scale the Walls at Brooklyn Boulders

The climbing gym was one of the early successful recreation-fitness businesses to take advantage of Gowanus’s lofty spaces when it nabbed more than 22,000 square feet of it in 2009. Kids and adults can learn the literal ropes in classes, camps, and one-on-one lessons. 575 Degraw Street

LUNGE: En Garde! at Brooklyn Fencing Center

Want to feel like an 18th-century Italian aristocrat? Take up fencing. This welcoming spot, opened in 2003, teaches all ages how to riposte and parry—and look good doing it. 600 Degraw Street

THROW: Hurl Dangerous Weapons at Kick Axe

Work your triceps—and prepare for your new life as a Vermont woodsman—at this ax-throwing wonderland for ages 8 and up. 622 Degraw Street

DRINK: Post-Workout Brews at Threes Brewing

After a long session of working your muscles, head to this popular brewpub to kick back a few drafts and unwind with your fellow buff Brooklynites. 333 Douglass Street

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