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Kids’ Choice: The Yummiest Desserts in NYC

The best places for ice cream, cake, and more, as chosen by the only experts who really count when it comes to sweets: New York City kiddos.

Photo courtesy of Union Fare

My favorite treat in New York City is a vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles from a Mister Softee truck. But what do I know? I grew up in Ohio. These born-and-bred city kids know how to navigate the subway, the difference between sushi and sashimi, and the number for their local Mexican takeout place (memorized by heart). So it only makes sense they also know what’s what when it comes to a solid, satisfying dessert; Oreos and Chips Ahoy! don’t cut it for pint-size urbanites. Take it from this bunch of cute connoisseurs: These are the places for the sweetest treats in all the NYC land.

Junior Ice Cream Sundae (With Extra Cherries) From Egger’s Ice Cream Parlor
1194 Forest Avenue, Staten Island
“Number one, it gives me a sugar rush, and number two, it explodes my taste buds with goodness.” —Axel S., age 6

best dessert places NYC
The more cherries, the better, for Axel.

Vegan Mint Chip Ice Cream From Van Leeuwen
Multiple locations
“I like mint chip because it’s not a plain flavor—it’s a combination. This is a good vegan ice cream, because with some you can literally taste the cashews, or it’s not sweet enough, but this one is delicious.” —Lula G., age 9

Rainbow Explosion Cake From Flour Shop
177 Lafayette Street (between Grand and Broome Streets), SoHo
“Wow, how do they get all the sprinkles inside the cake?” —Quinn S., age 3.5

Egg Waffle With Rainbow Ice Cream From Wowfulls
309 East Houston Street (between Clinton and Attorney Streets), East Village 
“It’s colorful and delicious! And I can’t believe my mom ever let me have something this big!” —Rachel S., age 11

best dessert places nyc
Rachel can’t believe her parents aren’t making her share her Wowfulls cone.

Chocolate Florentine From Artopolis Bakery 
23-18 31st Street, Astoria
“This is a pecan brittle with caramel on the bottom and pieces of dark chocolate on top. It is sooo delicious and addictive.” —Noa W., age 11

Unicorn Taiyaki From Taiyaki NYC
119 Baxter Street (between Canal and Hester Streets), Chinatown
“Taiyaki is a unique ice cream store like nothing I’ve ever been to before. The fish-shape cones even have a bean paste or custard filling in them. The ice cream itself is not only beautiful but extremely delicious. You can get one of the specialty cones, like the unicorn one (which is my favorite), or make your own with a variety of toppings, including matcha powder, mochi, and sprinkles.” —Laura L., age 13

best dessert places nyc
The whimsical cones at Taiyaki NYC make any day better.

Speed Bump Ice Cream From A La Mode Ice Cream Shoppe
360 East 55th Street (at First Avenue), Midtown East 
“I’m allergic to nuts, and this place is good for kids with food allergies. When my friends have birthday parties, my mom gets me ice cream from here to eat instead of the cake. I love that I can pick whatever I want.” —Sasha B., age 9

Chocolate and Raspberry Gelato From Cones
272 Bleecker Street (between Morton and Jones Streets), West Village
“The gelato here is the best. I like to mix the fruity raspberry flavor with the creamier chocolate. Uhh mah gawd, it’s to die for!” —Ariel G., age 11

best dessert places nyc
Ariel isn’t afraid to mix her flavors up.

Snap Mallow Pop Ice Cream From Ample Hills Creamery
Multiple locations
“If you like Rice Krispie Treats, you will love this ice cream. It’s all about the crunchies!” —Mateo L., age 10

Birthday Cake Croissant From Union Fare Bakery
7 East 17th Street (between Broadway and Fifth Avenue), Union Square 
“The birthday croissant is better than a regular croissant and better than a regular piece of cake. And you can eat it for breakfast without getting in trouble.” —Theo O., age 9

best dessert places nyc
Lucas is a big fan of the brownie sundae at Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain.

Warm Brownie Sundae From Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain
513 Henry Street, Carroll Gardens
“Everyone likes the egg creams here, but this sundae was the best thing I ever ate. I loved it!” —Lucas B., age 7

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