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Wrap It Up! 8 Perfect Hanukkah Gifts

We’ve got all eight nights covered right.

Photo by Sayaka Ueno

Yes, Hanukkah starts this Sunday. For those of you caught unawares, don’t panic: We’ve got eight perfect gifts that practically everyone will love. And there’s no nervous shipment tracking required; you can pick up these babies in the city today (take that, Amazon!).

1. It’s not Hanukkah without a candle (or nine), so nab this luxurious, woodsy Brooklyn Candle Studio soy-wax version, $35.

Candle Holiday hanukkah gifts
Photo by Tamara Mayne/ courtesy of Brooklyn Candle Studio 

Where to buy:
IC Store by WantedDesign
Industry City
275 36th Street, Sunset Park
Or online here

2. Keep your keppe warm with one of these unisex and extra-toasty hand-knit wool beanies, $85.

Tictail Shop Do LES design hanukkah gifts
Pin Art Shop Do

Where to buy:
Tictail Market
90 Orchard Street (at Broome Street), Lower East Side

3. A sequined pillow, $8, from Denmark’s design-centric discount chain Flying Tiger to make your sad couch look festive.

Flying Tiger Design Gifts Fun hanukkah gifts
Photo by Sayaka Ueno

Where to buy:
Flying Tiger Copenhagen
920 Broadway (at East 21st Street), Flatiron

4. A  baby-blue wood doggie on wheels, $31, for baby’s first Hanukkah. Awww.

Toy Shop Do Union Square Holiday Market hanukkah gifts
Photo by Patty Onderko

Where to buy:
Little Poland Gallery
Booth C6 at the Union Square Holiday Market
Or online here

5. Because who makes the best brisket? This enamel pin, $14, is one “tattoo” your mom will actually approve of.

Pin Art Shop Do hanukkah gifts
Photo by Sayaka Ueno

Where to buy:
231 Grand Street, Williamsburg

6. Hanukkah is basically a celebration of oil, and we’re pretty sure CBD oil counts. Plus, this Cannuka CBD oil–infused body cream, $28, is from a company whose name sounds a heck of a lot like the Festival of Lights.

Oil Shop Do hanukkah gifts
Photo courtesy of Cannuka

Where to buy:
Shen Beauty
315 Court Street, Carroll Gardens

7. A crisp bottle of kosher white wine, $38, from Israel producer Covenant. Definitely not Manischewitz.

Wine Spirits Union Square Drink hanukkah gifts
Photo by Patty Onderko

Where to buy:
Union Square Wines & Spirits
140 Fourth Avenue (at East 13th Street), Union Square

8. A dozen ridiculously good Hanukkah doughnuts, $42, from Manhattan’s hippest doughnuttery, Underwest, located in a car wash on a barren stretch of way-west midtown.

Doughnuts Eat hanukkah gifts
Photo courtesy of Underwest                                                                                                     Photo by Lauren Magenta

Where to buy:
638 West 47th Street (at Twelfth Avenue), Hell’s Kitchen

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